About me

I love to learn, to work with all sorts of different people and to draw on my life experiences to support clients in a way that is most useful and meaningful for them.

The basis of my work – be that counselling or coaching – is that we all have within us the resources for growth, and capacity to have a meaningful life. I find meaning in helping people understand themselves better – understand why they may feel the way they feel, think what they think, and do the things they do. Through this understanding comes greater self-acceptance and self-belief.

I am interested in many aspects of therapy and am committed to continuing my professional and personal development through ongoing training and life-long learning. I receive regular supervision to support my work and safeguard both me and my clients.

Alongside my counselling and coaching work, I have experience in leadership development, organisational culture and managing teams and organisations through change. Much of my work has been in the charity and social enterprise sectors – with a key focus on supporting the delivery of social impact.

I have managed large, diverse teams of staff in emotive, challenging environments. I have supported staff through work and personal issues and am aware of the stresses and challenges that can occur in the work environment – and how they can impact all aspects of your life. 

As a wife, mother, employee, employer, friend, sister, daughter and fellow human being, I am to tap into all my experiences to help me empathise and understand my clients and walk with them on their journey of self-discovery.

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and am bound by its code of ethics and subject to its complaints procedure.