Moving forward with your career

I offer a therapeutic, pragmatic and business-minded approach to working through career challenges. I draw on my experience as a person-centred counsellor, coach and organisational change strategist, and underpin this with 20+ years business & marketing acumen. 

In today’s multi-connected, changing world it can be hard to carve out a career that is meaningful and feels ‘right’ for you. Financial pressures, time pressures and family pressures amongst others, can lead us to make decisions that move us further away from the work we want to do. And yet there is a real cost to feeling disconnected and unhappy ‘at work’ – productivity levels drop, self-confidence dips, sick days increase, work frustrations take a toll on relationships, and we begin to feel distanced from what motivates us.

I help individuals with:

  • Finding the self-belief and resilience to make a change
  • Re-booting careers that feel stuck and lacking in meaning
  • Getting clarity of direction for your career
  • Managing a portfolio-based career
  • Ending your career well and moving into retirement

I work with you to identify what is making you unhappy or frustrated, or what you are excited about but don’t know how to articulate and are perhaps feeling paralysed by a lack of self-belief. I support you to grow from a place of authenticity and commit to actions (be that small or big steps) that are housed in your ‘real-world’ life.

The Process

Getting Clarity

I work with you to get a deeper understanding of you in relation to your work. I listen carefully to get clarity of your career to date (including voluntary work) and ideas for the future (no matter how ‘far out’ they may seem). This helps us get a sense of the ‘thread’ that runs through what good work is to you. This is essential. This is your foundation from which we build a career path. From these initial conversations we also begin to put words to your strengths – to what makes you credible in your work.

Getting Practical

Once we have clarity in career direction, coupled with a deep sense of the value you bring to the work that you want to do, we get practical and make it real. This aspect includes: articulating what it is you want to do / do more of / change to, creating milestones, considering timeframes, looking at potential barriers and what you might need to draw on to move through challenges. I help identify opportunities for you to test out your ideas and ambitions, try things out in a way that feels safe (financially and psychologically), learn from these experiences, and hone your career path further.

Making it happen

I walk alongside you for as long as is helpful. I help you stay focused on your goals, deal with unexpected challenges, consolidate new learning and develop a more open, curious mind-set about your abilities and working life.

If you would like to help move your career forward in a way that feels right for you please contact me.