Email counselling

Email counselling is an asynchronous method of communication where clients don’t get an immediate ‘real time’ response but rather a reflective, therapeutic response within an agreed timeframe.

Time to reflect

Some clients find it very therapeutic to take time to reflect on and write about their thoughts, worries and feelings. Articulating your thoughts, feelings or anxieties can help your journey of self-awareness and give insight into why you might feel the way you do. This form of counselling can be particularly helpful for people who don’t feel comfortable speaking about their problems out loud and feel more at ease with writing their thoughts and feelings down at a time that suits them. This form of counselling also offers clients a session ‘history’ where they can go back to their emails and my responses and reflect further.  

An email ‘session’

An email counselling ‘session’ consists of one email from the client and one (considered, reflective, therapeutic) email from me. I will respond to your email within 72 hours of receiving it. I will spend a full therapy ‘session’ (50 minutes) reflecting on your email and composing my response.

Email platform of your choice

The email therapy sessions can be carried out through a platform of your choice. I will use ProtonMail and would recommend you consider signing up for their free account to ensure all emails are encrypted. It is fine if you would prefer not to – I can ensure the message is encrypted and you can decrypt it by entering a password I will share with you in private.  

If you would like to book an initial session please contact me.