Video and Voice counselling

Video counselling works in much the same was as face to face counselling does. It is helpful to ensure you have a private, quiet setting where you feel safe and comfortable for the duration of the session. You may want to use headphones for the conversation.

We will be online at the same time. If you prefer you can chose not to use the camera and we will work together as if we were talking on the telephone (voice counselling).

The session is the same length as a face to face counselling session (50 mins) and will be carried out through a platform of your choice. If you would like to ensure the session is through an encrypted platform I would recommend we use Signal or VSee – both of which are very secure, free to use and easy to download on your phone, tablet or PC. It is also fine to use Skype if you are more comfortable with this platform.

Please contact me if you would like to book an initial session.