My approach

I work in a warm, empathetic, accepting manner. I enjoy working from a person-centred approach where the sessions are client-led and we work with what you chose to bring to the session. I offer no-judgement and welcome clients to share whatever is creating pain for them – no matter how dark the thoughts and feelings may be.

I believe you have the answers within you to help yourself heal and move forward – my job is to help you navigate your way through your pain and anxieties in a safe, therapeutic way and help you find greater self-acceptance and peace.

My approach focuses on creating an environment of trust, empathy and acceptance between us to help facilitate your growth and development. I love that person-centred counselling has, at its heart, an inherently optimistic view of people – seeing human beings as innately good and, given the right environment, growth orientated and capable of helping themselves.

My attitude to you is one of total acceptance of you now – not simply what you might become. At the heart of the therapy is the belief that if you are cared for and truly heard then you begin to feel – at a deep level – that you are worth caring for.

I encourage you to give up developed and imposed notions of how you should be and rather connect deeply with the true you – where you can express your depth of thoughts and feelings. In time, clients find they are able to move away from a concept that they have to keep up appearances and live as others expect them to live. With help and courage, you will  move towards a greater respect and understanding of yourself and others.

If you think this approach could help, contact me to arrange an initial consultation session.